2019 Southern Association Scholarship Information

The USATF Southern Association scholarship committee has created the 2019 scholarship application.  

Eligibility Criteria:
Candidates for a scholarship must meet the following eligibility criteria, and must have:

• A current USATF membership in the year the application is submitted in accordance to USATF Rule 300.1 (c). Unless the athlete has competed three consecutive years prior and are unable to compete due to aging out of the youth division, thus not requiring a current membership because they are not allowed to compete as a youth athlete.

• Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better at the end of the current academic school year.

• Must be a graduate student of a local high school or documented home school program within the Southern Association.

• Must have been an *ACTIVE participating member within the Association for the past three years.

• Must have applied to one or more accredited colleges/universities.

You can click link below to understand the requirements and to complete the application.
Scholarship Application